canva templates.

Canva templates are the easiest way to create social media graphics quickly, while staying on brand. 

The online, drag and drop design app is simple to use and you can swap in your own brand fonts, colours and logos to design projects in just one click. 

Shop templates work in either the free or paid Canva plans. 

canva ebook templates.

Canva is one of the best tools for creating brief ebooks, course workbooks and lead magnets (often called ‘freebies’ that you share in return for someone joining your email list).

Once you’ve planned your ebook and written the content, designing from scratch can seem like a step too far: this is when an ebook template comes into its own, short-cutting the process, so you can download your finished, professional PDF in minutes or hours, rather than days.

instagram canva templates.

It can be tough creating in all of Instagram’s formats – grid posts, carousels, Stories and Reels.

Canva templates can help, making sure your graphics are the right size, with the right fonts and colours every time. And they’re perfect for adding layout ideas so you stay on top of trends.

canva pinterest templates.

Pinterest can be a tricky platform if you don’t know what you’re doing. Canva templates can help make sure you’re on track, with vertical pins, scroll-stopping fonts and a seemingly endless supply of layout ideas.

Given that in 2023, Pinterest wants new pins, rather than re-pinning existing ones, Pinterest templates are your new best friend.

canva template shop.

canva template faqs.

What are Canva templates?

Canva templates are pre-designed Canva documents that you can use to save time and quickly make professional graphics and documents. They work exclusively inside online design tool Canva, which can be used in browsers such as Chrome or Safari or in its freestanding app for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

Are Canva templates free?

Some Canva templates are free to use, some are only available within the Canva Pro paid plan. Many third parties also sell Canva templates. To find free Canva templates for your design project, click on ‘Templates’ in the left-hand sidebar and use those marked as Free, rather than Pro.

Can you buy Canva templates?

You can buy Canva templates from many third-party sellers including design market places such as Etsy and Creative Market. They’re especially useful for longer design projects such as ebooks or Instagram carousel posts as Canva itself tends to have single page templates or smaller collections of templates.

Why use Canva templates?

creating professional looking graphics and ebooks without needing a design degree. Although you can create your own templates, this can be time-consuming. It’s far easier to customise an existing design where design elements, layouts and type spacing are already in place, and you just have to add in your own brand fonts, colours, text and photos.