Straight To Video is the online course where you learn how to make videos for Instagram and TikTok quickly and easily on your phone.

The vertical video format is also perfect for YouTube Shorts and Pinterest – covering all the major social media platforms. Once you master making and editing vertical videos for one platform, you can share the same content across the other platforms.


The course starts on Monday October 24 and runs for five weeks, each week covering a new topic. It will be a live course, so you can ask ALL your questions, so that by the end of the course, you’ll know how to make all the videos you need for your small business.

All filming and editing is done on your phone – iPhone or Android – and you don’t need any other special equipment. Any editing apps are either free or low cost and all the videos will be the right format for Instagram Reels and TikTok.

The course covers:

– Storytelling – simple ways of sharing your thoughts, messages and life.

– Planning – easy ways to know which shots you need so that you do them all in one go.

– Filming – composition, the right way to work with the sun or lights in your home/work and videoing all the shots you need in one go.

– Editing – Which apps to use and how to use them, changing the speed and making the colour look good.Include lesson on VN editor.

– The tech – making the colours look good, changing the speed and the right formats for TikTok and Instagram’s Reels and Stories.

It’s a jargon-free online course with videos showing how to film, edit and get your vertical videos ready to share. It has worksheets for easy reference, step-by-step exercises and assumes only that you know how to switch on the camera on your phone.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Rebecca Portsmouth Rebecca Portsmouth Instructor

Hi there, I'm Rebecca Portsmouth, a former photographer turned marketer who helps businesses with their social media and templates. I'm based in the UK and help people worldwide.


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