MailChimp planning



The best way of building a newsletter for MailChimp is to plan it on paper first. Write out:

  • The subject line for your email
  • Each topic you want to write about (usually 1-4 topics)
  • Where you will insert photos (at least one is a good idea to break up the text)

You then want to write out all your sections and headings in your PC or Mac’s text editor app. This is so that your text does not have any formatting which could interfere with MailChimp’s formatting.

Source your photos.  They can be any proportions, but horizontal or square is probably going to look best.  To resize, you could use Canva’s Facebook post template.

See the Loom video below for how to build your first newsletter. Once you’ve created your first, you can save this as a template for future emails. MailChimp’s help section is also well documented.

Setting up MailChimp – screen video




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