Thanks for getting in touch for a copy of 63 Props for Fabulous Flat Lays. It will arrive in your inbox in a couple of minutes.


Given that you’re interested in flat lay prop ideas, I’m guessing you could do with some more help with flat lays in general?

As Frasier Crane would say: “I’m listening”. Here you are: I made a workbook that looks like a magazine, taking you through the five steps to nail your flat lays. We’re talking light, backgrounds, props, layouts/shooting and editing. The steps work, whether you’re using a phone or a larger camera. Everything you need to know about taking stylish flat lays is in a concise 12 pages – easy to reference and easy to implement.

Flat Lay Formula is ordinarily $45, but as a welcome to Living Abstracts, you can have it now for $29. And by now, I mean within 30 minutes. Because I know what it’s like – eight tabs (or more) open and your email goes off, the phone rings or you’re hungry – and suddenly it’s Thursday . There will never be a better offer. So if you would like a style injection for planning and shooting flat lays, press the green button and follow the instructions.

All the best,   Rebecca

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