Even if you’ve never taken a flat lay in your life! 
Hi there, I’m Rebecca, a professional photographer for more than 15 years. I’ve always loved styling photos, especially flat lays and wondered why some photos would just ‘work’ and others simply looked wrong.

It took some analysis and learning – even studying colour psychology and visual merchandising at London College of Fashion – to find the answers.

There are elements of design that you can use for every flat lay, whether an organic, free-flowing one or a rigid grid system.

I’ve put them all together in an easy-to-follow e-book that you can look at on your tablet or print out to reference while you’re doing your flat lays.

It even has a guide to props and getting the right light for your photos, whether you’re using your phone to take photos or a top of the range DSLR.  So that your shots only need a quick edit to look professional and do their job helping you grow your blog or business.



– The design principles to use so that your flat lays look right every time

– How to get great light for your flat lays without blowing the bank

– The only photo editing apps you need on your phone

– Which props to use that work for YOUR business or blog




1. Lighting

2. Backgrounds

3. Props

4. Layouts & shooting

5. Editing


Imagine taking stylish flat lay photos effortlessly, driving your blog or business forward and never having to worry about hiring a professional photographer.

Using simple principles of light and design you learn in the Flat Lay Formula, you can take great photos from above.


Love the low cost tips for getting bright photos with my old phone. I printed out the list of props so that I could tick the ones I have and put it in my purse for when I’m shopping.

– Caroline


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