Holiday product styling with paper: 5 cheap and easy ways

When you run your own business, holiday product styling can be a challenge, especially if you’ve left things until the last minute. Here are five holiday product styling ideas using paper. Most or all don’t need a special trip to the shops, depending on what you have around your home or office.

Cut out repeating paper stars

This looks great whether you cut out many stars the same size or use different sizes. You can match colours, use contrasting or additional supportive colours. You also could use patterns to add a point of interest.


Punch or cut a slit for ribbon, twine or metallic wire and write or embellish the card. It can go next to your product or on a wrapped gift box. Either way, it adds a point of interest and seasonality to your photo. 

Make paper chains to use with your products 

Cut up strips of paper that work with your product and make a paper chain to drape around or on top of your product. In this example, I’ve picked up a warm metallic of the plate (from West Elm) and paired it with a copper wrapping paper. 

You can make your paper chains from metallic paper for warmth, patterned paper if you need a burst of colour or from paper in your branding colours. 

Style your holiday product with paper chains - in this case, a copper gift wrap.


Take a strip of paper + play around with thread and/or paint. You could pull the thread tight to make the paper ripple (especially if you used tissue paper) and would work especially well with a contrasting thread to give a colour pop.


Use paper for a strong background. You can cut a shape that corresponds with your product (in this case, a circle) or as a contrast, to give you leading lines into your product on either a vertical or horizontal photo. You could also add other relevant props or items to enhance your photo.

So there you have five cheap and easy ways to use paper to style your products for the holidays.  I do hope you try at least one of these ideas! 

Holiday product styling ideas with paper - use as a featured background.


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