Building a list of people who want to receive emails from your business are interested can involve some enticement, which is where you might want to offer a freebie or lead magnet in return for someone’s name and email address. That lead magnet can be anything from an ebook, checklist, masterclass, mini-course to a discount code or template. Here’s how to set up a lead magnet in Stan Store so that anyone signing up for your email list receives it seamlessly!

This page includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase or sign-up, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I recommend only those tools I have tested and like.

This article assumes you have a Stan Store. If you don’t already, you can try the online digital e-commerce shop and link in bio alternative for free for 14 days HERE. 


Your lead magnet can be a web link or an upload of any kind of file, including PDFs, Photoshop documents, Excel spreadsheets and MP4s. Stan Store recommends your digital download is less than 500MB. When someone submits their name and email address so you can email them about your news and offers, Stan Store will automatically send them the web link or upload. Here’s how that works:


  1. In your Stan Store dashboard, click the My Store tab.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the ‘+Add Product’button
  3. Click on the ‘Emails / Applications’ section.

Choosing your Stan Store product type - collect emails.

There are three sections to update / customise. Start by clicking on the ‘Thumbnail’ option to add a square image (400 x 400 pixels) of your lead magnet.

Next, update the text to reflect your lead magnet, be it an ebook, a template, audio download or something else. You have 50 characters to play with. You can also update the sub-title or keep the suggested wording of up to 100 characters. If in doubt, keep it as short and simple as possible as most people skim read.

How to upload your lead magnet image into Stan Store.

The form automatically collects a name and email address. You can also ask for a mobile number.

Once that is complete, return to the top of the page to click on the ‘Product’ option, where you upload your lead magnet or a web address / URL where people signing up would be redirected. You might do this if you’re sharing something like a webinar on a private YouTube video.

Adding a lead magnet upload into Stan Store - the upload process walkthrough.

The publish button is at the bottom of the page, but before you do, return to the top of the page for the ‘Options’ tab, where you’re going to customise the confirmation email the person joining your email list is going to receive, containing the lead magnet.

The default format of the email is: Your PRODUCT NAME download from YOUR USERNAME! While this will work, you may want to rewrite this, especially if your username is different to the social account where they’re signing up.

The text itself also could do with your human touch! Here’s the default:

Hi {customer_name}!

Here is your download for:


  • @{my_username}

While “Hi” and their name is great and straightforward, you might want to include:

  • A thank-you for signing up for your email list
  • Explain how often they can expect emails from you and what might be inside them
  • Share a little about your lead magnet, how they might use it and how it has worked for yourself or others.
  • Wish them well and sign off with your name and possibly your username if it’s different to your name.


Stan Store automatically integrates with Mailchimp, copying sign-up names and details across to lists there. You can use Zapier to connect other email platforms such as Convertkit, MailerLite or ActiveCampaign.


Once you’ve customised your delivery email and are happy with it, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the publish button! Once you publish, it’s a good idea to test the system, putting in a spare email address into the published form, to make sure everything works as you expect, including the email looking and sounding how you want. If you want to change anything, return to the same place, make your updates and hit ‘Publish’ again.

All done? Great stuff! Now you choose where in your Stan Store your sign-up form will go in the ‘My Store’ near the top of the sidebar. I have mine at the top of my store, since joining my email list is the thing I most want visitors to do from my social platforms.

Drag and drop your lead magnet sign-up form to move it. You’ll see a preview of your Store as it appears on mobile if you’re on desktop.




Once your lead magnet is live, it’s time to share it everywhere. Here are a few ideas of where you can share it:

  • Share it on social posts with graphics and video of the lead magnet in action, testimonials from happy users and your own story about why you created it.
  • Put it in your social profiles, telling people to sign up for it.
  • Share as a pin on Pinterest.
  • Share in Facebook groups when you’re able to promote your own goodies – or when you know it would help someone.
  • Send it to your email list – even if it’s just 10 people – they might have friends who would benefit from it and they join your list!
  • Create a banner for your Facebook profile and pages and share on there.
  • Add your lead magnet to your website.
  • Put a repeating task in your diary to promote regularly, at least every two weeks. You can tell different stories each time you share (see point one).

That’s all you need to know to start building your email list with a lead magnet in Stan Store!