If you’re wondering how to upload photos to Instagram from your desktop computer, you’re not alone. It is a frequently asked Instagram question in Facebook groups and luckily, one of the easiest to answer.

You have two main options for uploading your photos to Instagram: Dropbox and Instagram schedulers.


Dropbox is a great tool if all you want to do is move your Instagram photos from your desktop PC or Mac and nothing else. You will need a Dropbox account, which is free for up to 2GB of storage and the Dropbox account on your phone (iPhone or Android).

How to transfer Instagram photos to your phone with Dropbox

1. Copy the Instagram photos you want to share into a Dropbox folder.
2. Make sure your phone’s Dropbox settings allow access to your photos
3. Log into the app on your phone.
4. Navigate to the photo you want to transfer to your phone
5. Touch the photo and hold so that the option to ‘Copy’ or ‘Save to Camera Roll’ appears. Click on ‘Save to Camera Roll’. You should see an ‘Exporting’ message then a tick box confirming that the photo has been ‘Saved to Photos’.
6. Repeat for remaining photos you want to download for Instagram.


Schedulers are my preferred option for their ease and efficiency:
– It’s easy to transfer photos taken with 35mm/mirrorless cameras from a Mac/PC to the scheduler via a web browser.
– The caption is typed with a regular keyboard – faster and more accurate than typing on a phone.
– Schedulers can allow you to preview your feed with the scheduled photos and save captions/hashtags for quick and efficient posting.
– Given that Instagram does not allow automated posting, if you plan your posts in any way, you’re likely to use a scheduler anyway so let’s get it to all the work in one app.

Here are three of the most popular schedulers available.

Planoly  has a free plan and paid upgrades with uploads, feed preview and can help you manage comments.

Hoot suite has a paid service starting around $10. The upside of this service is that HootSuite can also be used for scheduling all your other social media. The downside in comparison with Planoly and Later, is that you can’t preview your feed.

Later has a free service for up to 30 Instagram posts a month – perfect if you’re posting once a day or less. It’s paid plans start at $9 a month for 100 posts. Later will save sets of captions or hashtags for you, preview your feed with the scheduled photos and offers auto scheduling.

So there you have some of the easiest options to upload photos to Instagram from your desktop computer to help save you time and frustration with tech and transfers. I hope you find it useful.