If you’re using Instagram to drive traffic to your business or blog, you have only one clickable link. Here’s how to make the most of your Instagram bio link and maximise visits to your website.

Let’s start out with the basics. Instagram wants you to stay on its platform. It wants you – and everone else – to stay for as long as possible and be as engaged as possible. So there is just one link that takes Instagram users off their site.

That said, Instagram is an amazing place for you to be discovered by your target audience. But it can be tricky getting traffic using that one Instagram bio link when you have multiple offers or blog posts. How does someone clicking on a photo that is weeks old get the same great experience as someone clicking on today’s link?

One option is to use a service such as Linktree. It has free and paid options. On the plus side, it is relatively easy to set up and you can add your Facebook Pixel ID for retargeting. On the down side, visitors are not going to your website and the layout is fixed.

Lnk.bio is a similar service and designed to run multiple accounts. It also has free and paid options. For links AND photos, there is paid service Link in Profile, that offers a free trial.

If you have a WordPress website or blog, a free plugin called Bio Links that creates an Instagram landing page for you has just been launched. You can see a demo page here.

And finally, you can build your own landing page on your blog, containing all the links, photos and welcome messages in the world from your Instagram bio. Every time you add a new blog post, lead magnet or product, you can add it here.

How to make the most of your instagram bio link for traffic to your website or blog.

Top tip: if you’re referring to the link in your bio in your caption, put your own Instagram handle there, such as @livingabstracts, so that readers can click on that to go straight through to your bio. Many of your caption’s readers will be scrolling through hashtag feeds or their home feeds and adding this link makes it easier to get to your bio than scrolling up a little and clicking on your user name.

If you use Instagram for your business or blog, you might want to visit the main Living Abstracts Instagram resource page for more tips and resources.

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