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Marketing Power Hour for small business owners.

the power hour.

Get clear on marketing your service business in just one 60-minute call with me, even if you hate social media. 

Walk away with a plan for how more of your favourite clients can find you – and how you can avoid the ones that make you want to hide behind the sofa or give up being self-employed.

Whether you’re overwhelmed, confused or simply want to update your marketing plan, this Power Hour can help.



27 ideas for carousels.

Plan a month of Instagram carousels in 60 minutes with these 27 carousel ideas and a bonus planning sheet, even if you’ve never created a carousel before.

Instagram Carousel ideas list in a PDF as an instant download. Written by a social media manager for any niche or any business.

plant life carousel template.

Build a beautiful carousel post for Instagram in minutes with the Plant Life Instagram carousel template for Canva. Use all 10 slides in your post to help increase watch time on your post, which feeds into the Instagram algorithm as a signal of interest, so that your posts are more likely to be seen.

Instagram carousel 4:5 ratio template for Canva with a natural theme.
Neutral, stylish Instagram carousel template for Canva with modern fonts, design and layout. Ideal for beauty bloggers, natural health practitioners and minimalists.

neutral love carousel template.

Carousel posts are a win-win on Instagram, because viewers  spend longer on them than regular posts and because they’re perfect for educating your followers about your services or products.

But they do take time to create. Use this Canva template with 10 slides in a 4:5 ratio to make carousels in record time! 


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As a thank-you, receive a FREE set of 12 Instagram Story Canva templates that you can get started with straightaway. 

Story templates

reels cover templates.

Use these bright, modern Reel cover templates for Canva to help increase engagement and followers, while still looking good when shared to your grid. The 15 templates help you show off your Reels – Instagram’s current algorithm favourite – both in your Reels tab and on the grid.

15 Instagram Reels templates for Canva that crop to squares for the Instagram grid.


the signature course.

Plan, create and schedule social media content that attracts your dream clients and helps them buy from you.

Slipstream Social Media Sales is the  foundational course you need to set your service company on the right track

With limited edition bonuses including an Airtable social media template so you can plan your posts easily



Slipstream Social To Sales online course
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