Instagram Powerpack – The Wedding Photography Edition – is the only toolkit you need to plan, create and schedule your Instagram content for the week in a few hours.

Instagram Powerpack for wedding photographers


Is Instagram taking up WAY TOO MUCH of your life: figuring out what photos to post, writing the caption, choosing the hashtags and never seeming quite as good as the cool kids?

And that’s just the grid … you also should be using Stories. *Sigh*

It’s not your fault.

You started a business because you wanted to take wedding photos, not write captions and second-guess algorithms. 

To add to that, you’re trying to keep your business afloat in the middle of a pandemic and you’re likely doing one of three things:


Posting through gritted teeth, punching the keyboard as you write another caption that sounds just like the last three. Just how many ways are there to say the bride looked gorgeous, anyway?


Hiring someone to do it, briefing them and making sure they have your ‘brand voice’, when you aren’t even sure what that is. That’s assuming you have the budget …


Hardly posting, so even if potential clients DO see your feed, they wonder if you’re still shooting weddings? And the last planner you worked with has no clue you’re even on Instagram.


When really you just want to take photos, make a decent living and have time for your family and friends aka your LIFE!

I’ve been there

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I was a wedding photographer for more than 15 years, juggling marketing, editing, improving my craft, client care and building relationships with other wedding professionals. 

A few years ago, when I realised that Instagram and other platforms were a world of pain and frustration for many photographer colleagues, I switched to being a social media manager. I manage Instagram accounts and create strategies and templates for those who want a DIY framework

It’s this framework – The Weekly Replay System – that is at the heart of the Instagram Powerpack. You use it to create your posting rhythm once, based on a solid strategy to attract your couples and other professionals and repeat every week. 

It’s simple, strategic and it works.

Instagram stories template creator Rebecca Portsmouth. I help creatives with templates for Instagram Stories, your Instagram feed and Pinterest.


Instagram Powerpack for wedding photographers - logo
Instagram Powerpack for wedding photographers

It’s the Instagram planning and posting system for wedding photographers who want a thriving business without losing their lives to the ‘gram.

You’ll learn

How to create Instagram posts and Stories easily and strategically in a few hours, so you can get back to your business and your life.

Perfect for

Wedding photographers who are fed up with the relentless grind of posting, especially if they haven’t shot a wedding in a while.

What’s inside

The Week on Week Instagram Workbook
Build your posting strategy and get clear on what to post and how often, every single week in this printable workbook.

COME away with:

  • Knowing your posts are helping your business
  • Clarity & peace of mind you’re posting the right things at the right times
IP Printable Workbook for wedding photographer

The Week on Week Printable Planner
Build out your weekly schedule in this printable paper planner, using the plan you created in your workbook. Runs until December 2021 and includes blanks for planning into 2022.

COME away with:

  • Always be ready for key dates such as Valentines Day
  • Be known by other wedding professionals as ‘the organised one’
IP Printable Planner for wedding photographer

The Week on Week Planner on Airtable
For those people who want to build your weekly schedule digitally, here’s a fully tricked out online version in free online tool Airtable. You can add your photos to Airtable on your desktop then open them in the phone app to copy and post them directly into Insta – no scheduler or Airdrop needed!

COME away with:

  • All your post captions, photos & graphics in the one place
  • Easy to share with a VA so you can outsource scheduling
  • Save your post ideas on your phone with the Airtable app
IP Airtable for wedding photographer

There are also bonuses … 

Perfect Post Prompts
Three months of wedding photography Instagram post and Story  ideas so that you always have something to say without feeling icky. That’s 90 prompts, many of which you could use for each wedding you shoot.

COME away with:

  • Never again ‘blank’ on what to post
  • Easily plan and write your Insta posts 
Perfect Post Prompts for Instagram - wedding photography edition

Hashtag Hotshot Swipe File
120 wedding hashtags in a Google sheet so you can grab and add them to your Instagram captions. They have been carefully researched to have between a few thousand and 750,000 photos,  so that you’ll get the most reach on your posts.

COME away with:

  • Cut and paste hashtags into your captions with ease
  • Avoid the massive ‘low impact’ hashtags
Hashtag Hotshot swipe file of 120 wedding photography hashtags.

Instagram Eye Candy Lookbook
An inspirational collection of beautiful grid layouts to inspire your own. See how you can create an eye-catching grid that stands out from the crowd.

COME away with:

  • Beautiful ideas to pep up your wedding feed
  • Know how to create a stunning, on-brand grid
Instagram Eye Candy Lookbook - grid ideas for wedding photographers

How much does it cost?

Instagram Powerpack for wedding photographers

Instagram PowerPack

(wedding photography edition)


Is just $27


with limited edition bonuses of

☑️  90 Perfect Post Prompts

☑️  Hashtag Hotshot Swipe File &

☑️  The Eye Candy Lookbook.

Buy the Powerpack today and have your Instagram strategy and posts dialed in by breakfast tomorrow.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with Instagram Powerpack or the bonuses, get in touch within 30 days and I’ll issue a full refund.



How much time is needed for this?

That depends on your Instagram posting schedule. Someone sharing three grid posts and seven daily Stories is going to take less time than someone posting to their grid 5+ times a week and Stories multiple times each day.

It’s designed so that creating your strategy should take less than an hour. Once you have this, then weekly planning, writing captions and scheduling with three grid posts and seven Stories should take around 60-75 minutes. That means, you could map out a month of Instagram posts and Stories  in a morning.

I also shoot portraits. Will this product still work for me?

The principles of this version of Instagram Powerpack will work for any creative business, however a great deal of the content has been customised especially for wedding photographers.

Can I share this with a friend?

This product is for one business. If your friend wants in as well, please send them to this page. It’s super affordable and means that if they lose their copy or links for the multiple downloads and templates, they can go back easily to their receipt.

How fast can I expect to see results?

As soon as you create your one-hour strategy and map/schedule out your first week of posts and Stories, you can expect to feel completely in charge of your Instagram feed. That’s likely to be inside a couple of hours.

Your strategy will help you create posts and Stories that are designed for others to share, so as long as you have fellow professionals following you and you’re engaging, you could have your content shared in the first week.

Do I need anything extra for this to work?

No, there’s nothing else to buy. Everything inside the Powerpack is downloadable as a PDF, viewable on a browser or uses the free versions of online tools Airtable, Canva and Later.

The Airtable template that’s included even allows you to transfer photos and captions between your desktop and phone for manual posting, if you want to skip the monthly cost of a scheduler. 

I don’t use Stories. Will this still work for me?

In a word, yes. Please note that using Stories is likely to boost your engagement and once you find out how easy it is to build them into your weekly posting, you might be tempted to at least dip your toe in the water.

are you ready?

Instagram Powerpack has everything you need to get your Instagram account humming and your business buzzing without it running your life. 

Instagram Powerpack contains everything you need to build a strategy and weekly posting plan for your photography business, even if you’re a creative whirlwind who loses all their lens caps. 

Grab Instagram Powerpack now at this super low price while it includes these limited bonuses and you get to lock the Instagram monster back where it belongs – in your phone and not running your life.

PS Love how thorough you are in getting all the way down here – you’re a rare bird! Congrats! 

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