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Hi Later team,

It’s Rebecca here, in Margate in the UK’s Kent coast. You seem to have written a description of my dream job for my skills and experience! I’d love to join and strengthen your team, using my writing and marketing expertise.

Below are details of my writing, SEO and other relevant experience.

I look forward to learning more about the role and how that supports Later’s goals.


Rebecca Portsmouth


I spent the first six years of my working life as a journalist and then sub-editor in newspapers. I’ve returned to writing in the past five years with a marketing/sales and SEO slant, in sales pages, newsletters and blog posts for my own business and others.

These include:

Ghostwriting blog posts and newsletters for clients including an outspoken business coach and an introvert landscape photographer.

– Writing SEO-optimised blog posts for two wedding photographers, to enable them to appear in the top three results for Google searches for local wedding venues.
– Writing SEO-optimised blog posts for a plumbing website and playground company.
– Writing my own weekly emails and one for a  content creator community.



I’ve been on Instagram for almost eight years. I started to learn how you could use it to connect with strangers when friends and I had a competition to see who could get to 100 ‘likes’ on one photo. I figured out what was needed (hashtags and building relationships) and won with a photo of a pink car.

I’ve been a social media manager with clients including wedding photographers, a sculptor and a creative community.

See below for two client wins.


Using Instagram Stories and a strategy of shining a light on others, one client has been shared on the Stories of several other professionals in her niche, getting her in front of a her perfect audience of more than 5000 people.

Out of three stories we built specifically for this strategy, all three were shared. This client also said that whenever she goes anywhere in her niche, other professionals all seem to know her, even if she doesn’t know them. Much of that, she believes, is because of her presence on Instagram.


Using Instagram Stories and local hashtags, a client opening an outdoor sculpture exhibition in Cornwall had her story seen by more than 400 people from two local hashtags and engagement alone the day before the exhibition opened. At least six people visited the exhibition because of seeing our posts on Instagram Stories. We also made contact with several local architects through DMs – one of their target market.


SEO was my main form of marketing when I was a wedding and portrait photographer in London. I learned basc principles to build my business then built on those to help creative businesses when I switched to offering marketing services. A recent SEO course has improved my keyword research skills.

SEO-optimised blog posts written for a marketing agency in the past year include those for a UK plumber and playground construction firm.

PHOTOGRAPHER CASE STUDY: Built a website for a Sussex wedding photographer with the goal of her booking 15 additional weddings a year. Within six months, she was ranking number one for several niche keywords that gave her 18 weddings.

After we finished working together, the photographer used the same techniques I had used to build several more similar niche pages and the following year had 48 weddings in her diary, 90% of which were from her website SEO.

personal attributes.

I have a wide range of experience of writing content with different intents, audiences and voices. I’m comfortable writing to inspire, change perceptions or overcome objections (my favourite marketing book is Cialdini’s book on persuasion). 

I have a solid grasp of optimisation for search and am a strategic thinker who loves solving problems  (Clifton Strengths Finder top two are Strategy and Positivity).  Happy working independently or as part of a team and adapting to different communication styles and preferences. 



Completed courses including:
– Grow your Audience Facebook course (formerly Moolah) by Rachel Miller
– Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson
– 90 Day Year – Todd Herman
– Jon Morrow’s Serious Bloggers Only
– The Email Marketing Fairy by copywriter Kate Doster
– Alex Tooby’s Infamous to Influential
– Adskills Facebook & Instagram ads


– WordPress – building pages / websites / Yoast plug-in
– SEO keyword research in Serpstat, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz
– Writing, sub-editing + headline writing
– Course creation (outline / slides / handouts)
– Campaigns & automations inActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Autopilot
– Schedulers: Later, Tailwind
– Visuals: Photoshop, Lightroom, Canva, Filmora


I’d love to know how I could make a difference at Later! 

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