You can if an expert is teaching you and then sending you updates of major changes for a year.

Bonus points for the expert being super generous with their time, energy and hot seats and gathering around them a great support team of coaches with skills in sales, marketing and Lego.

No, really. One of the coaches is building a Lego page on Facebook and sharing how they’re doing that – all their experiments, failures and wins.

OK, I’ll bite. Tell me more.

My favourite course ever, Moolah Marketer, which teaches you how to build an audience on Facebook is available to buy between Monday October 22 and Thursday October 25.

As a taster for the course, there are six videos available on Monday October 15 which introduce you to building an audience, how to get more likes on your Facebook page without paying, how to get more leads, fans, sales and make an impact.

If you want to hit 2019 running (yes, there are mince pies and tinsel in Tescos already) – this is your chance. The course is usually offered just twice a year.


I’m British. What’s the deal without the fluff?

The Kool-aid free version is there is a Facebook course that will be available shortly. It’s perfect if you want to use Facebook to build your business.  If you just like Facebook for the groups and cat memes, then probably not. Unless you want to learn how memes can help your Facebook page, in which case, yes.

How long will this take? I’m super busy just now

The free video series takes around an hour to watch and is available from Monday October 15 for five days. The videos are available all together, so even binge watching all six is just a lunch break (or cocktail hour, depending on how you roll).  Rachel packs value in her videos, free or otherwise, so thoroughly recommend signing up to watch them, even if you seem to be in Facebook’s bad books at the moment.

If, after seeing the video series, you want to sign up for Rachel’s Facebook course, you can take it whenever you want. The course is updated for at least a year after you sign up.

I happen to love that weird gap between Christmas and New Year for learning new skills. Ideal for avoiding the ads for summer holidays and slimming clubs AND you can feel smug on January 1 when you have your quarterly marketing all planned. It’s almost better than a new planner and Muji stationery.

You got me, where do I sign?

So glad you asked.

I want a bonus.

Absolutely – here’s one from Rachel.  It’s a list of words that Facebook hates and if you use them, it automatically decreases your reach. You’re probably using at least one of them and it’s hurting your page.

Another bonus?

If you buy the course through my links, you’ll receive a bonus of being part of an exclusive Facebook group where we’ll go through the course together for added feedback and accountability.

As I get a commission on any sales through my links, I wanted to add a bonus that would be as super helpful as possible.

The group is designed to help get you going through the course and implementing  it in your business. I’ve used it successfully with clients to help build their Facebook pages and businesses but also know how easy it is to not implement.

The Living Abstracts Facebook page is an example of that – the cobbler’s shoes – with just a few hundred followers.  I’ll be implementing the Moolah Marketer strategy in this quarter and throughout the first quarter of next year and would love you to join me so we can work together to build our businesses.

I’m still here.

Bless you. You’re my favourite.

Here, have a second bonus. Almost as good as a second breakfast, but shhh, don’t tell everyone.


If you have any questions about the course, you’re free to email me at studio@livingabstracts.com. I’d also love to hear what you think about the video series. I’ll be watching them on Monday!