Are you struggling with your blog photos?
Are you overwhelmed with where to start learning photography?
Then you’re on the right page! 
Hi there, I’m Rebecca and I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 15 years.

I’ve photographed a huge variety of subjects and people in that time, gaining a Fellowship from one of the professional photography bodies and mentoring many other professionals. It took years of attending workshops, being mentored and practice to gain my skills.

You’re different. You don’t have that much time. You’re building your blog (or your business or your Facebook page) and you have a million demands on your time and brain. And you still need to take great photos.

So I’ve drafted a six-week live BETA course that JUST teaches you what you need to know to take great indoor photos using natural light.

At the end of the course, you’ll know how to control natural light, be in charge of your camera, edit your photos like a boss and have some flat lay and styling skills that help make everything look scrummy!

Please note, this is a live beta course, so it may adapt to the needs of the group, especially in the later weeks.


– Three different lighting set-ups you can create in your home using cheap materials

– How to make light more beautiful with one item from Amazon that costs less than $10

– The exact camera settings to use

– How to make sure your photos look clean and white and not yellow or blue

– Quick editing in LightRoom and phone apps

– Flat lay  + 3D styling for your own Pinterest pins, website or sales page photos


1. Light & lighting

2. Easy camera settings

3. Editing in LightRoom + phone Apps

4. Flat lays for your website, Pinterest + sales pages

5. Vignettes + tabletop styling

6. Catch-up + your questions


Using a learning platform on the Living Abstracts website packed with videos and workbooks and allows you to upload your photos for individualised and private feedback. 


With a private Facebook group for questions, tips and feedback on any photos or experiences you would like to share. 



Imagine taking beautiful photos effortlessly, driving your blog or business forward and never having to worry about hiring a professional photographer.

You can, with Photography for Bloggers Secret Sauce, with a few hours each week for six weeks.

Starts Monday March 19. 


Be one of the first 10 people to sign up and receive a bonus 30-minute Skype call worth $99.

You can use this at any time during the six-week course for individual feedback or trouble-shooting with your photography.


Book the course now for $75,
(A 62% discount on the $197 price when it launches in May).

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