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Learn how you can drive massive amounts of traffic from Pinterest to your website in this live beta course.


(for a limited number of beta students)
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Hi there, 

I’m Rebecca, a former photographer based in Kent in the UK, who has used Pinterest for my business for more than five years. I’ve completed numerous Pinterest courses and tested what I’ve learned that has made such a difference to my traffic.

For example, with just two pins and one blog post, I’ve been able to build a list of 1200 people – all from Pinterest. 

I would love for you to have this success too, building traffic to your website to help your business thrive.

Rebecca Portsmouth

the 5 modules.

MODULE 1: Getting started

– How Pinterest works

– Keyword research in Pinterest

– Setting up your profile and boards the right way

MODULE 2: Pins

– What makes a great pin

– How to design your pins efficiently

– Pin templates

– Photos for your pins

– Pin text – drive people to your website

– How to choose fonts for your pins

– Using colour psychology to turbo-charge your pins

MODULE 3: Pinning

– Your pinning strategy

– Max out Pinterest on your website

– Automation for an easy life

MODULE 4: Strategy

– ‘Popularity’ hacks for your account

– Group boards and Tribes

– Seasonal content

– The best strategy for you

MODULE 5: Testing + long-term success

– How to see what’s working

– Using data to skyrocket your traffic

who this is for.

    • Business owners who want to send potential clients to their website, month in, month out.
    • Business owners who have busy and/or seasonal busy periods, because once you’ve learned how Pinterest works and have done some initial work to build your profile & boards, you can simply batch once a month. No need for daily engagement like social media!
    • Business owners who are frustrated with traditional SEO, especially on super competitive keywords. 

who this is not for.

Anyone who expects immediate results. While you may get more traffic to your website within a week or two, it’s expected to be more in the region of three to four months of you working your Pinterest system before you see notable traffic increases. 

Anyone who doesn’t want to do any work. Learning on its own does not drive traffic to your website, but taking action on that knowledge can.

course details.

How this beta course works

– I’ll be creating this course week by week, based on five modules

– Each week, from February 27 – March 23, you’ll get access to one additional module a week of the online course until you have all five. This will include video, workbooks and templates. 

– You’re encouraged to email me any questions over the five weeks so that I can make sure they’re answered in the course.

The number of people taking part is limited, so once we have that number, this beta course will close. 

What’s in it for you

– It’s live and interactive. Email your questions throughout the course’s five weeks for answers!

– It’s less than half price. Bargain!

– Future versions of the course will be self-study – without any live element.

– You get early access – and can put it into practice and make a difference to your business.

– Full access to the course and all updates throughout its lifetime.

– This beta course has a limited number of people taking part. 

Why I’m doing a beta

– To get feedback from you – someone doing the course – so that I can make sure it covers everything

– For testimonials. I’d love to share your views on the course with others.

– To see the impact it can make.


    • A traffic source which can regularly bring in thousands of page views a month, in addition to other traffic sources such as SEO and social media.
    • It’s relatively passive.  You can spend just a few hours a month in one go on Pinterest for constant traffic.
    • The half-life of a typical Pinterest pin is about 3.5 months, while the half-life of a social media post is measured in minutes. Make your work count for longer! (A number of my pins are still bringing in traffic after more than a year).


Just $147
(Regular price: $297)