121 Strategy Call


A 121 Strategy Call with Living Abstracts founder Rebecca Portsmouth is the perfect tool for business owners / founders who want to understand how they can use social media platforms and other kinds of marketing to help grow and/or strengthen their business, while remaining true to themselves.

It can bring clarity on which social platforms or other kinds of marketing are right for you, how to use the algorithms to achieve your goals or bringing out your tone of voice / point of view in your niche / profession / industry, so that you know the topics you're going to talk about. Ultimately, it saves you time, your most precious resource and your bandwidth.

THE CALL: This lasts up to an hour, with a questionnaire sent to you beforehand that allows us to make the most of our time, with a follow-up plan emailed to you after our call.

Once you've booked a call, I'll be in touch so we can find an appointment time that works with your life and time zones. You can usually expect a response Monday to Friday within 24 hours, but often more quickly.

We start with a short questionnaire, so I can understand what you would like to gain from the call and check your website and social accounts, if that's relevant. During the call itself, we'll do our best to answer your most important questions and in a follow-up report, I'll summarise what we discussed and list any references or tools we discussed, so that you have a written summary.

WHO THIS IS FOR: Business owners / founders in either service or product-based businesses. It's especially relevant for people who have a company or one or a small team. You likely know your subject or profession inside out and want support booking clients and attracting inquiries. I can help.