Instagram Reels cover templates for Canva


Use these bright, modern Reel cover templates for Canva to help increase engagement and followers, while still looking good when shared to your grid. The 15 templates help you show off your Reels – Instagram’s current algorithm favourite – both in your Reels tab and on the grid.

When you put so much time and effort into creating Reels, you want to maximise the number of people who see them. That’s when a well-designed Reels cover is a must! These covers all have headings, a snippet of body text that’s easy to read and a photo or graphic, to grab attention quickly and get your Reel more views.

And, importantly, they’re designed to look good and show that same information in your grid. These Reel cover templates will mean you never again cut off important text, even if you’re in a hurry. Just swap in your own text, photos and colours and download to your phone as a jpeg, so you can add them as a cover when creating your Reels.

Well-designed Reel covers help you increase engagement by quickly and clearly showing why someone should watch your Reel. These templates are versatile, designed to look good as a square when you share Reels on your grid for extra views and in the feed.

– Use these professional templates to save time and frustration in the Reels creation process.
– Designed by a social media strategist, to encourage more views, both in your Reels tab and in your feed.
– Edit in free, online tool Canva – no additional or hidden costs. Duplicate a template with one click – it’s quick and easy in Canva’s drag and drop interface.

15 Reels templates in the perfect Reels dimensions of 1080 X 1920px, delivered via a PDF link to a Canva template.

When you purchase, you’ll receive a PDF containing your download link. Click on the link to be taken to your template, which will open in Canva. You’ll need either a free or paid Canva membership, which takes just a few minutes to set up.

The templates are created using free fonts and elements, ready to swap in your own text, photos and videos and customise the colours in minutes, without having to be your own graphic designer.


This template is perfect for anyone who wants to make the most of Instagram Reels.

You could be:
• a product or service business owner

• a creative

• offering online courses

• blogger / podcaster / content creator

• a coach / thought leader

This item is a digital template for use inside Canva. It will not work in other design software. No physical item will be shipped. Due to the digital nature of this item, no refunds or exchanges are possible. If you believe the product to be faulty or are having download issues, please message me so that I can help.

// The sale of these templates is not affiliated with Canva in any way. The designs contain images from Canva’s own image library, ready to be replaced with your own.