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Your email with your list of 63 props for fabulous flat lays is winging its way towards you and should arrive in the next 10 minutes.

In the meantime, there’s something else you might be interested in …

It’s the Flat Lay Formula magazine-style ebook, where you can learn the five simple steps to taking stylish pro photo for your blog, business or brand, even if you are using a phone camera that’s years old.

So many people think great styled photos are all about the camera – and they’re not. It’s about a few simple design principles and good light.

Once you get those right, you’re most of the way there!


Hi, I’m Rebecca. I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 15 years, learning how to use a camera in the days of smelly darkrooms and film.

Thankfully we now have phones that are better than the first digital pro cameras – whew! And we can retouch and edit EVERYTHING – sometimes entirely on our phones. I don’t miss film AT ALL.

5 steps to stylish, pro photos for your blog, business or brand


  • Bloggers who need styled photos of sponsored or affiliate products
  • Etsy shop owners who need clear, well-lit photos of their products 
  • Anyone selling a digital product – set up your own mock-ups 
  • Instagram accounts wanting original styled photos that stand out in the feed
  • You just want to be able to take decent flat lay photos EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

What will you learn with Flat Lay Formula?


 – The design principles to use so that your flat lays look right EVERY TIME.


– How to get great light for your flat lays without blowing the bank


– The only photo editing apps you need on your phone


– Which props to use that work for YOUR business or blog

And there’s a bonus – the Lighting Toolkit


A list of my 5 must-have tools that transform a household window

into the only studio you’ll need.

How much does it cost?

Usually Flat Lay Formula is $27, but for the next 20 minutes, it’s $13.

That’s more than 50% off the key to beautiful styled photos and hello to saving HOURS of your life scrolling through stock photo libraries, looking for JUST the right image for your blog post or website and finding every other blogger has already used it on Pinterest and THEIR posts. Hrumph!

It’s like being able to turn out a perfect loaf of sourdough every single day for a few cents, rather than needing to go to the store and find yourself scratching around for stale leftovers. (Yes, I’m a carb-lover and proud).

The bonus “Lighting Toolkit for Bright and Light Flat Lays” is not offered anywhere outside of personal consultations. I created this printable guide because more than half of client issues are about light. The five simple tools in this toolkit help turn a window or glass door at home into the only studio you’ll need (unless you’re in Iceland in winter). If the sun is shining in your part of the world, you’re golden.

Think of the Toolkit as jam and butter on that sourdough. Or crunchy peanut butter. Other fillings are available.

The clock’s ticking. Are you going to grab the Flat Lay Formula and bonus toolkit with both hands so you can take fabulous flat lays whenever you want, building your website, Instagram and Pinterest pins one beautiful photo at a time?



Plan social media posts that will help build your sales and your business with the 2023 Social Media Planner. It works for any small to medium sized business in any niche.

The 2023 printable Social Media Planner takes you step by step through creating a strategy and posts, so you know what you’re posting for the next week, month or quarter to make sales or bookings in your business.

The planner includes:
– The one-hour strategy workbook.
– A list of 33 content ideas, perfect for all small businesses.
– A quarterly planner, so you can map out what needs to happen in each of the quarter’s 12/13 weeks.
– Monthly printable calendars (Jan-Dec 2023 + a blank month).
– Printable Instagram Reels + Stories storyboard planning sheets.
– A checklist that takes you through the five-step process.
BONUS: Client avatar worksheet to help you discover your perfect client or buyer.


The 2023 printable Social Media Planner is perfect for service business owners such as yoga teachers, photographers and consultants and product business owners such as jewellers, Etsy shop owners and retailers.


Hi, I’m Rebecca, a social media strategist and manager who has worked in marketing for more than seven years, after having run my own photography business for 10 years. This planner uses the exact five steps I use to create a plan and posts for clients that help them be seen by potential new clients, stay in touch with existing ones and sell their products and services.

I’ve made this planner printable, so that you can plan your posts offline, away from distracting emails, messages and pop-ups. You can update your plan and write posts at work, home or when stuck in the checkout queue – whenever inspiration strikes. There’s no need for a mobile signal or Wifi. And when it’s time to create your social posts, they’re all mapped out!


Click the ‘Buy’ button to add the planner to your cart. Complete the checkout process with either Paypal or a credit card. Within minutes, you’ll receive a receipt and link where you can download your 2023 Social Media Planner PDFs. After downloading the files, you can print as many copies of the planner as you want, for your own use. Just buy, download, print and start using this planner straight away.




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