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What if you knew what, when & where to post on social media so that you could book out your creative business and still have time for a joyful life.

Without using cookie cutter posts, memes + weird days of the year!

It’s time to … 


  • Post strategically and consistently on the RIGHT platforms for your business in the time you have available for marketing.
  • Use a step-by-step social media system specifically built for creatives.
  • Lose your overwhelm and ‘last-minute’ urgent posting panic.

Sounds too good to be true?

There are a LOT of social media calendars available, many of which suggest using celebration days such as National Donut Day or Dog Day as the basis for your posts. Or advise: ‘use lots of quotes or selfies because they’re popular’.

But, creatives are in the unique position that they are bringing new pieces or services into being every working week. There is a creative process behind what you do that needs to be on social media.  

You NEED to share the unique flavour, processes and stories that set you apart!

Hi there, I’m Rebecca Portsmouth and I’m a social media manager for creative clients such as photographers and artists, who use social media platforms to bring potential clients and fans into their world. 

I love strategy (one of my top two strengths on the Clifton Strengths Finder) and understand what it is to make a living from a creative profession; I was a wedding and portrait photographer for 18 years.

It upsets me that there are cookie cutter ‘just post x’ monthly memberships and constant content creation models. Neither is a good match for creatives.

It’s why I took the system I use for my one-to-one clients and turned it into a method that any creative can apply to their own business for success and a balanced life.


The Custom Social Media Planner

The five-step system designed especially for creatives to build their social media strategy, content and schedule to book out your business.

The five-step system reduces overwhelm by breaking up your social media process into bite-sized pieces.

Specifically designed for creatives, helping to bring out your ‘flavour’ of creativity so you can stand out from your competitors in a sea of sameness.

Simplifies posting on social media, so that you can spend most of your time on the rest of your business, creating and having a life outside of work.

Just imagine … 

Having a quarterly strategy for your social media posting that supports your business goals, 

Knowing what to post and on which platforms every week, so that you can batch all of your content efficiently and easily

Not ever thinking you ‘need to post’ on your platforms and going blank. All your posts are scheduled out.


Get all of this without … 

– The expense of hiring a social media manager

– Spending every waking hour thinking and breathing social media

– Feeling frustration that there must be a better way. 

The Custom Social Media Planner


a system with

– The one-hour strategy workbook

– A list of 33 content ideas, perfect for all creative businesses

– A quarterly planner, so you can map out what needs to happen in each of the quarter’s 12 weeks

– Monthly printable calendars (Jan-Dec 2020 + Jan-March 2021 + blanks)

– Printable Instagram Stories storyboard planning sheets

– A checklist that takes you through the five-step content planning and creation process.

As a bonus, you receive Hashtag Hotshot

Hashtag Hotshot is an ebook and spreadsheet containing the two-step research system, seven hacks to help you find the best hashtags even if you’re a local business or tricky niche and a bonus formatting section that makes cutting and pasting your hashtags as easy as pie. The spreadsheet tracks your hashtags to help you get more eyeballs on your website.

It currently sells on my website for $19


The One-hour Social Media Strategy Workbook    (Value: $47)

Cheat sheet with 33 content ideas for any creative business (Value: $29)

A quarterly planner to map out your promotions for the quarter, week by week (Value: $22)

Monthly printable calendars  (Jan-Dec 2020 + Jan-March 2021 + blanks) (Value: $19) 

Printable Instagram Stories storyboard planning sheets (Value $9)

A checklist that takes you through the five-step content planning and creation process (Value: $9)

BONUS: Hashtag Hotshot ebook and spreadsheet (Value: $19) 




Get The Custom Social Media Planner at $27 for the next few minutes.