styled stock photos.

even if you don’t like stock photography


Need styled stock photos but tired of the having the same photography as everyone else?

I hear you.

So here are clean, minimalist photos, just right for your small business or blog.

I’m a small business – one photographer – so the styled stock photos you find here, by definition, aren’t everywhere on Pinterest or Google images and new photos are being added all the time.



insta healthy photos.

For nutritionists

Registered dieticians

Food bloggers

Nutritional therapists



quails eggs photos.

Need some eggy goodness on your Instagram feed? Here you are – with a twist! These are photos of quail’s eggs – with speckled shells that are as cute as can be. And you don’t even have to figure out how long to cook them for perfect slightly runny yolks – that’s all done for you.

Angled from the side and from straight above as a flat lay, these quail egg photos are styled on a white background in a clean, minimalist way, ideal for overlays or text.


embrace the dark.

Plums and ‘slaw: who would have thought they could be mean and moody. Are you ready for your Instagram feed to embrace the dark side?


light & bright.

For vibrant, zingy photos which give you insane bang for your buck, these 25 high resolution photos of lemons, limes, basil and melon are clean and crisp, with oodles of negative space to allow for text and other graphics. And because they’re high resolution, you can crop in super tight in different edits to give you hundreds of options for social media graphics – even flip or rotate them!

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