What to sell on Stan Store when you’re getting started


If you’re wondering what to sell on Stan Store when you’re getting started, here are the simple steps to creating your first product. 

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Stan Store itself recommends a range of about five offerings from a free download to high ticket offers, as this is what many of the highest earning Stan Stores include. It suggests a selection of products such as:

  • A free lead magnet that visitors can download in return for giving you their email address. This might be something like a PDF checklist, a meditation audio, a video training or masterclass or a weekly plan for meal prep.
  • A low priced digital product such as an ebook, guide or template.
  • A mid-priced product or service such as a mini-course, ask me anything or guide.
  • A higher priced product or service such as 1:1 calls or coaching.
  • Optional: Affiliate links, where you receive a fee if someone buys through your link.

Stan Store recommends offering up to five items in your store, to avoid visitors being overwhelmed or confused, when they’re less likely to buy anything.

This is sound advice, giving visitors a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences: some people like DIY options and others want 1:1 support.

But creating this range of products and services takes time, so here’s how to get started.


There are two main ways of deciding what to create as your first Stan Store product. The first applies if you have an audience on a social platform such as TikTok or Instagram. Ask them what they want and think about the questions that most appear in your DMs and comments. What does your audience struggle with? Perhaps it’s something you find easy or you’ve developed a method for handling it: create a product or service to help them solve their problem.

If you don’t have an audience, then you can think about aspects of your life that you have figured out that could benefit others. This could be anything from your laundry routine (you’d be amazed at how many people lack this life skill) to meal prepping, a study schedule or a selection of the best free marketing courses to learn how to be a social media manager.

For those whose talents are creative, rather than problem solving, you can:

  • Sell digital copies of your finished work
  • Teach skills such as colour mixing, drawing succulents or using video editing software.
  • Encourage others to be creative themselves, such as providing daily sketchbook prompts or running a month-long challenge.

Whether you have an audience or are working with what you’ve uncovered, the trick is ALWAYS to ask people what they want rather than what you think they want. So many times, what they want is simpler than you could have imagined!

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Once you know what you want to share with the world or what problem you want to solve, the next thing to decide is what format your product or service will take.

For some, the format will be clear. A poet who wants to make money from selling their poetry might set up a membership, where subscribers receive a certain number of poems each month. Equally, they could choose to encourage others writing poetry, offering constructive poetry feedback on a 1:1 basis or monthly membership.

For those solving a problem with a series of steps, like building a strong study routine, you could offer:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • A Notion template built around your study approach
  • A mini-course / video masterclass
  • Regular accountability video calls where you study together
  • A PDF workbook that takes students through the steps

When you look at this list, does one leap out at you as being the thing you would most like to offer? Do that! Some people will love the idea of being a virtual shepherd for online study or 1:1 calls, while others prefer to avoid direct contact. Staying true to what feels best to you will help keep your digital product business sustainable.

If you like the idea of more than one product on this list, you can create multiple ways of solving the same problem: different products or services will appeal to different people, even if they have the same problem to solve. Just start with one product or service and get feedback from buyers on that before moving onto a second.

Over time, you can build out a range of products – sometimes known as a product suite – or stick with one or two options that work for you and your life. That’s the joy of being your own boss – you can listen to advice from others and then have the freedom to choose and experiment, improving your products over time or removing them from your Stan Store.

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